CPSC 340 Machine Learning and Data Mining

CPSC 340 (Machine Learning and Data Mining) is a course I completed at UBC. The course involved studying, understanding, and programming various machine learning algorithms and techniques. It was taught by Professors Jeff Clune and Andreas Lehrman who both have made large contributions to the field of Machine Learning. Some of the methods studied in this course include: decision trees, Naive Bayes, KNN, Random Forests, Ensemble methods, K-means, DBSCAN, Hierarchical clustering, Support Vector Machines(SVM), Principal Component Analysis(PCA), Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN) and Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN). UBC Provides the following description of the course content:

Models of algorithms for dimensionality reduction, nonlinear regression, classification, clustering and unsupervised learning; applications to computer graphics, computer games, bio-informatics, information retrieval, e-commerce, databases, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

UBC CPSC 340 Page, 2023