SUAS Drone Competition 2022

As the payload lead of UBC’s Unmanned Aerial Systems engineering design team, I directly led a team of over 20 engineering students to develop more than five distinct mechatronic projects to compete against universities across the world in competitions like SUAS 2022.

SUAS 2022 is an annual international design competition held in Maryland that includes top 71 schools including MIT, Cornell, McGill and more.

Our team created an autonomous rover and winch system to accomplish an airdrop for the competition. Our rover uses telemetric data from an IMU and PID control to travel to specific GPS coordinates to deliver a water bottle.

The winch was used to lower the rover in a controlled decent. To do so it used a PID system that linearly decreased speed of the rover as it reached the ground. The winch also communicated with the drone to report its status and accept commands through a serial connection.

I primarily contributed to these projects through managing their development. I also debugged large portions of each project, peer programed with team members, and added some saftey checks to the rover that include a gps bounding box and a lost connection failsafe.

Our team placed 15/71 overall in the competition and 14/76 in mission demonstration.