Trulioo Software Engineering Intern

This was my first official software engineering internship. Trulioo is a large multimillion dollar tech-unicorn that creates a range of products related to online indentity verification. At my internship I gained a experience in many developer tools and technologies. To summarize at my intership I was able to do the following:

● Worked as a full stack developer in an agile environment

● Designed, integrated, and tested TypeScript-based functional React components with custom react hooks and contexts

● Integrated logic for data parsing and language-aware search with C# in ASP .NET projects

● Work as part of a cross-functional feature team to deliver complete, high-quality, end to-end solutions.

● Work collaboratively with Engineering and Product to expand stories into tasks, and work on removing impediments.

● Collaborate in meetings with Senior Engineers to integrate deliverables, optimize the automation processes, and plan future implementations.

● Based on user story acceptance criteria, work with the team to design a scalable, robust, and reusable solution to that story.

● Document and communicate designs to others on the team.

● Contribute to guidelines and coding standards used for building reusable application components that are easy to maintain, troubleshoot, and test.

● Participate in peer design and code reviews.

● Identify and assist in mitigating technical, schedule, and other project risks.

● Provide technical input into product road maps, negotiating compromises between business and technical constraints.

● Provide input into process improvement initiatives to improve quality and timeliness of deliverables with high predictability.